Diamond Collection

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18K White Gold 5-Petal Diamond Flower Pendant with White Gold Chain..


18K White Gold 6 mm Diamond Creole Earrings with Dangling Round Cluster..

DJ-5412 & CG-3470

18K White Gold Slider Skeletal Heart Pendant with 43 Diamonds and 18K White Gold Rolo Chain..

DJ-5628 & CG-3463

18K White Gold Round Longevity Symbol Pendant with Rolo Belcher Diamond-Cut Chain..

DJ-5657 & CG-4723

18K Yellow Gold Vertical Cross with 12 Round Diamonds and Tiffany Rolo Chain..


18K White & Rose Gold Flexi Rope Bangle with Pave Mushroom Lock..

DJ-5670B & CG-4764

DJ-5670B - 18K Yellow Gold 7.5mm Pendant with Diamonds CG-4764 - 14K White & Yellow G..


18K White Gold Skeletal Moon & Flower Stud with 18 Round Diamonds..


18K White Gold Cross with 1 Round & 16 Pricess-Cut Diamonds..


18K White Gold Chrysanthemum Stud Earrings with 130 Round Diamonds..


18K White Gold Diamond Illusion Button Stud Earrings with 18 Round Diamonds..


18K White & Yellow Gold Dangling Earrings with 1 Pave Skeletal Geometric Pattern & 2 S..


18K White Gold Loop Earrings with Dangling Punched Butterfly & Diamond..


14k Bicolor Boa Stretch Bracelet with Diamond Pave Barrel Center..


18K Cuff Bangle with White Gold/Rose Gold Flower & Diamonds..

DJ-5784 & CG-3448

18K White Gold Polished Star Pendant with 18K White Gold Adjustable Rolo Chain..


18K Yellow Gold Skeletal Marquise Dangling Earrings with 22 Round Diamonds..

DJ-5789 & CG-3448

14K White & Rose Gold Vertical Cross with 10 Round Diamonds and Adjustable Rolo Chain..

DJ-5791 & CG-4646

14K White Gold Rositas Pendant with 7 Round Diamonds and Tiffany Rolo Chain..

DJ-5795 & CG-4516

14K Yellow Gold Mini Cross with 6 Round Diamonds and Fine Rolo Chain..

DJ-5796 & CG-4771

14K Rose Gold Mini Cross with 6 Round Diamonds and Tiffany Rolo Chain..

DJ-5797 & CG-3470

14K White Gold Mini Cross with 6 Round Diamonds and Tiffany Rolo Chain..

DJ-5798 & CG-4646

14K White & Rose Gold Curvy Heart Pendant with 27 Round Diamonds and Tiffany Rolo Chain..


18K White Gold Diamond Flower Stud with Yellow Diamond Center..


18K White Gold Donut Diamond Pendant with Rolo Chain P12,900..